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STOLEN by Rebecca Petty

Three years ago I rewrote and have now finally finished the complete overhaul and rewrite on my daughter, Andi's story. The story has taken pretty much 23 years. The first manuscript was Little Girl Stolen, which ended in me having to get an attorney and telling them we were going to sue them due to them not following our contract.

After released from that contract, I spent time rewriting and was picked up by a New York agent who was bound and determined to get it published and six months later with most of the rejections letters saying "Sorry, we are going to go with the Elizabeth Smart story because it ends on a happy note (thank the lord Elizabeth was rescued)." And ,"Although, this manuscript is very well written, we just don't think people will want to read a story that doesn't have a happy ending." Ugh!

After that I just put the book away and lived my life. Three years ago when I was still serving in the Arkansas House of Representatives I decided to give this manuscript one last look and changed the story one-hundred percent from my eyes looking out as it unfolded. I had heard of an online platform called WattPad and knew this story needed to be told so I uploaded it with pictures of Andi, with the written confession from Karl Roberts, the medical examiners report, pictures of newspaper articles, and more pictures of Andi. When I uploaded it on WattPad and announced it (I was releasing one chapter at a time) the response was overwhelming. People wanted more and more, so I tried my best to keep up and finish it all and I was almost there. Then writers block kept me from the proper ending the book deserved. So, I pulled it down from WattPad.

Well, finally, three years later, I have finished it!!!

I hired my sister, Kristy as my publicist, and she has worked magic on the cover, the layout of the manuscript and sometime next week it will be available on Amazon. To say I am in awe at the amount of love and hard work my sister put into this project is an understatement. I am so happy we were able to complete this together. She is the best and I am so blessed and appreciative of her hard work.

Anyway, I will announce on here and all my social media platforms when the book is ready and provide all the links you need if you want to read it.

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