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STOLEN Book Reviews 5.0 out of 5 Stars

Reviewed in the United States on August 1, 2023

It takes amazing strength to share your story for the world to read when it involves the tragic loss of a child to violent crime. Your willingness to help others that may share the same pain is triumphant. Thank you for advocating for other children and being a voice for victims rights. Well done!

Reviewed in the United States on August 3, 2023

The author really makes you feel every emotion she felt when she was going through them. This is an amazing story of hope, resilience, and created something wonderful out of something tragic.

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When we share our grief, we unknowingly help someone with theirs. As much as it must have hurt, you have done a beautiful thing.

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You are amazing!

I knew it the first time we met!

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Truly, you have brought beauty from ashes, my friend.

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You are a strong and loving person. Thank you for sharing this.

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Sweet Rebecca. I think it took great courage to share this part of your life. Keep up your work.

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I just finished this last night. Thank you for sharing your heartbreaking yet still inspiring story with us.

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Rebecca Petty has written an amazing book. It takes you through the minutes, hours, days and years of her fight for justice for her daughter and for families of other victims of murder. I felt as if I was walking beside her as she and her family walked the path of the different stages of grief a family deals with after their child has been horrifically murdered. At times I had to put the book down and walk away for a few minutes due to anger and tears.

Rebecca I am so sorry for your loss and so proud of you for all you have done to help so many families in Arkansas and across the nation.

Verified Purchase

I’m Jan Morgan’s mother. She gave me one copy of your book because she got two.

I read it non-stop… could not put it down!

I just have to tell you, your story was heartbreaking .. something no parent should have to ever experience in this country.

I am sorry about what happened to your beautiful daughter and that you had to go through this ..

You painted a heart-wrenching picture that clearly reveals the pain and suffering you’ve experienced and will live with for the rest of your life ..

I’m thankful that you have now made fighting for victims family’s, your life work ..

Verified Purchase

I read this book and it was very good warning you will need tissues.

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She did perfect and Andi is smiling at her mama from heaven, but friends mentally prepare yourselves before you read it. It was not easy. It brought back so many memories and I wanted to throw up during parts.

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I read the whole book. I didn’t put it down til I was finished.

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