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Shake It Off

Our world has changed so much in the past decade. Gone are the Gen X days when kids drank out of the water hose and came home when the street lights buzzed to life.

To help in this crazy world I decided I could best help by serving in the state legislature with hopes I could right some wrongs. I served in the state legislature for three terms. Add the campaigning time and the sum of it all was nearly a decade of my life. Truly, I feel like I did some really interesting things, met some incredible people, made friends for life, passed laws that helped children, victims, police officers, parents, and citizens in my community. Going to work everyday and serving in a historical marble mansion was awe-inspiring. On the other side of the coin I learned you can never make 100% of people happy, this may have been the hardest lesson for me. I do not like conflict. I just want everyone to be content and happy.

In politics nearly half of the people automatically dislike you because of your political party. This never set well with me. Before serving I trained law enforcement officer and was the "mother who had lost her daughter to violent crime," everyone appreciated my efforts of trying to make the world a better place. Therefore once I was an elected official I began to feel awkward because I never knew who was going to stab me in the back when I walked away. It was very naïve of me to believe everyone wanted the best for me or my beliefs.

Now that I am on the other side of the political ring I am living a much different life, a better life. In a way I am kind of sad I wasted an entire decade but, then again I learned so much about our country, about the law but mostly about people. I learned that we all have those who love us, our own tribe of sorts.

The stink of politics is nearly gone, I don't watch the news anymore, except the weather. I try to show the kindness that is so often not afforded to people. But, one big lesson I learned is to guard my heart and not trust people until they earn it.

Life has taught me to recognize fake people. I can see when people are only tolerating me because they have to, or are so shallow they don't care for me for reasons unknown. I know now that it is their problem, not mine. If they gave two craps they would be an adult and discuss their issue. But, if they enjoy Jr. High living, again, not my problem.

Even in Matthew 10:14 Jesus talks about dusting off your feet and leaving if someone doesn't want anything to do with you. It's an ago old problem, not everyone is going to like you. You can worry about it and try to make them like you (they probably never will) or you can do what Jesus and Taylor Swift say to do: Shake It Off.

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