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Let Me Introduce Myself

I should never assume that because I started a blog people would automatically know who I am. So, let's do this thing properly.

Hello. My name is Rebecca Petty hence "That's So Petty." I live in Northwest Arkansas, home of the headquarters for Walmart or the Mothership, as I call it. There are so many people who live in this area it is bursting at the seams, but there is never a lack of things to do especially if you are an outdoors person. However, along with that is no lack for crime. I was the state representative for the 94th district of Arkansas in the House of Representatives for three terms. Now, I am a certified dog handler for a courthouse facility dog named Ari (pronounced R.E.) the Third for the state of Arkansas' Paws for Justice program. He was trained by Canine Companions and we were paired together and graduated (his puppy raiser handed his leash off to me in a tearful ceremony) on February 10th. I waited to be paired with the perfect dog for me for nearly a year. We are housed out of our local courthouse. Ari is a black lab /golden retriever mix who works with children and vulnerable adult victims as they navigate through the criminal justice system. Basically his job is to love and comfort people who are scared as they face the most horrible time of their life. My job is to make sure they treat Ari right, in return he does the same, which seems to be a natural attribute for him. The job is 24/7 because Ari lives with me and my husband and is part of our pack which consists of Ari and two cats, Winston and Eleanor Elizabeth whom I refer to as the "dingos," (just my funny name for them). Those two act like a couple of wild dingos. Ari pretty much ignores them.

Additionally, I have always loved to write. It purges my soul. I feel I can communicate better on paper than speaking to someone. I love to laugh. I love the water. I love animals, kayaking, reading, writing, and every kind of of music under the sun except for most rap.

The above picture is me in Yellowstone National Park. On a work trip training law enforcement (we will get into that later) I took this selfie of myself as Old Faithful erupted on a day in early April of 2019. When I think of myself this it reminds me of the spontaneity of the person I am. Sometimes I just like to just wing it. No plan, just go. And that's what was happening when I snapped this. I was training LE in Wyoming and had a day off in between classes and decided to trek over to Yellowstone National Park. The trip took me most of the day but was worth it. It was the first day the park was open and there were hardly any people there and even still some snow on the ground. Old Faithful was scheduled to erupt at 4:13 PM, my birthday is April 13th and I knew it was meant to be. So, long story short I was there and precisely at 4:13 it happened, "thar she blew!" I turned around long enough to snap the photo and then watched as this wonder of wonders did its thing. I looked upon as the steam settled around me in a shroud of beauty. The sun hit the mist as a rainbow formed before my eyes. I was in awe.

Anyway, that's one of my adventures. I have many I want to share (with my one fan here). So, the message for today is:

Do Something Spontaneous.

Life is an adventure and we are only here for about as long as the mist of Old Faithful. Enjoy the time God has given you. Breath the fresh air, stop at the old antique shop you drive by everyday. Try something new to eat (which is a hard one for me). Just live.

Yes, just live. There's plenty of time for dying.

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